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We expedite the ideation, creation & adoption of sustainable products while building the infrastructure & incentives for the exponential growth of Ecology.

100% Future-driven

SaveFuture is the first DeFi protocol that aims at creating a sustainable 21st century, in a quick and rewarding way. SaveFuture is also a deflationary and green universal basic utility system that enables the birth and acceleration of eco projects and brands.

Multiple Elastic Rewards

$MIRAI (Future in Japanese) is the 1st token of the protocol. A 10% fee occurs every time the token is traded. A 3.33% is redistributed proportionally to holders through virtual reflection. Holders will be able to redeem reflections by being active and by farming the 2nd token $NALA (Earth in Korean).

Optimized LP & Burning

Each transaction contributes for the 6.66% to the automatic generation of blocked liquidity within PancakeSwap and Bibipom LP. Every 2 weeks, the protocol removes from LPs 1.33% of the tokens and sends them to a burn wallet. Every quarter, we buy back $MIRAI tokens and burn them too.

Delegated Donations

While 3.33% of the transaction cost is redistributed to the holders, 3.33% blocked as liquidity and 1.33% cyclically removed, 2% is sent to a green wallet (SaveFund) with the function of financing green causes, eco projects, sustainable brands and community giveaways.


The more tokens the user holds, the more stickers the user collects. Holders enter a ranking of "future heroes" and can compete against other teams to win prizes and climb charts. A referral program allows the user to earn an extra bonus of tokens.

Ecommerce & NFTs-powered*

The $MIRAI & $NALA tokens power Save The Future, the e-commerce platform that accelerates the sale of sustainable products. Users can utilize the tokens to farm green NFTs of artists, redeem products of eco brands partners, get discounts and do staking.


We make Ecology cool. We believe in a Future where Humanity, driven by green DeFi and DApps, can unlock its cosmic potential.

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Q1 2021

Initialized protocol

After establishing the company and conducting a concept validation period for 3 months:
• Team expansion
• New website development
• Ecommerce model development
• First marketing activities related to tokens
• First technological and strategic partnerships

Q2 2021

The initial push

• Start of the development of the smart contract $MIRAI
• Creation of the decentralized green wallet: SaveFund
• Start of the development of the eCommerce platform Save The Future
• Selection of the first products and brand partners to be accelerated inside the Save The Future eCommerce platform
• Conceptualization / prototype of the SaveFuture NFT + NFT creative contest (contest winners will receive a% of tokens from each future sale of NFTs in the eCommerce platform)
• First donations to list $MIRAI

Q3 2021

The second push

• Beta test of the tokens and liquidity mining function
• Beta launch of the eCommerce platform Save The Future (with locked features)
• Gaming features (example: stickers, teams and leaderboards)
• Launch of the Eco-Sustainability & Crypto Academy, in partnership with Starboost
• First partnerships with eco brands
• Start of the development of the SaveFuture internal DEX / multi-chain wallet, in partnership with

Q4 2021


• List of the tokens on Pancake Swap & exchange with liquidity mining function
• Launch of the full version of the eCommerce platform with products from eco-companies accelerated by Save The Future and new unlocked features (example: shop and teams)
• Launch of the first products by our eco brands partners
• First donations and funding of eco projects, brands and green causes
• Launch of the first NFTs collection within the eCommerce platform
• Launch of the governance hard token with 100M supply, Earth ($NALA)

Q1 2022

Welcome to the future!

• Launch of the decentralized dropshipping protocol
• Start of the tokenization process of eco brands
• Test VR-based avatar shop experience powered by Virbela / Frame & Netvrk
• Incubation program with Polychain monsters
• Start of the proprietary blockchain transition in partnership with
• Launch of the stable coin with elastic supply for the eCommerce, Ozone ($HOGO)
• Start of the tokenization process of smart districts
• Enablement of crypto rewards and cart payment to purchase products with $NALA or other cryptocurrencies within the Save The Future ecommerce

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Core Team

Marco Borgato


Alessandro Brunello

President / CFO

Omar Baruzzo

CTO / Chief Blockchain Officer

Antonio Ambrosio


Ludovico Pincini

UX & UI Lead

Stephan One

Ecommerce Tech & Blockchain Lead

Marco Bonomo

Ecommerce internal consultant

Daniele Alberti


Francesco Bevivino


Protocol Team

Crypto Kyle

Logistic Lead

Francesca Cerere

Fullstack Dev Consultant

Valentina Malusardi

Marketing & NFT Coordinator

Isabella Godina

VR Ecommerce External Consultant

Eleonora Leo

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ryan Bidder

Community Moderator

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